US Money Reserve sells gold and other precious metals

The U.S. Money Reserve is likely the biggest distributor of gold and other precious metal coins like platinum and silver in the US. It’s safe because it is fully backed by the US government for the purity, weight and content of all the coins they sell. All coins sold by the US Money Reserve are also official legal tender in the States.

Besides coins, you can also purchase various weights of gold and silver bullion products like bars, and Gold and Silver American Eagle coins. Another product sold by the US Money Reserve is gold numismatic coins like American Eagle proof coins, Modern Congressional coins, Double Eagle coins, American Buffalo coins, First Spouse coins, pre-1933 gold coins, and platinum numismatic coins.

Created by Experts in Precious Metals, other areas

The US Money Reserve was created by experts in the gold market who realized there was a need for a way to provide customer service, guidance, and expert market information to customers of gold and silver products. They constantly strive to give the best possible service to their clients, and some of their professional positions include more than a hundred jobs, like gold specialists, numismatic experts, customer relation experts, inventory positions, business support positions, coin research experts, inventory positions, vault and shipping department positions, compliance and standard, as well as sales positions.

When you purchase coins and other products from the US Money Reserve you get the advantage of owning an actual asset that is tangible, not paper, and precious metals are often placed in investment accounts like IRAs.

US Money Reserve offers guarantee on all purchases

Clients have bought over two million coins totally over one billion dollars in sales over the last few years. The US Money Reserve also sells only the best and highest grade coins, and they offer a money back guarantee on your purchase within 30 days minus a 20 percent stocking fee.

Another name for the US Money Reserve is the United States Gold and Silver Reserve. You can keep up to date with all the happenings at the US Money Reserve by calling them with questions at 1-800-607-7800, where you can talk to any of the experts there for personal portfolio advice.

You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter .. If you desire to start investing in gold, silver or platinum products like coins and bullion, then contact the experts at the US Money Reserve on one of these pages and learn all you need to know about precious metal investing.


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