Venezuela City Hit with Looting

In a recent article published by ABC News, the coastal city of Cumana, Venezuela was featured. The city has been dealing with violent attacks on businesses from looters in recent days and massive political protests that threaten the stability of the entire country. In response to the latest episodes of violence, there has been an increased military presence in the city.
Many of the protests in Venezuela are due to the food shortages, which have been getting progressively worse in the country in recent weeks. People are demanding more access to food from the government and are getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of answers from their political leaders. As tensions mount, economist Danilo Diaz sees many people have turned to violence out of desperation for their economic situation.

In a report by My Space, U.S. citizens currently residing in or visiting Venezuela have been warned by the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela that they should expect additional protests over the next few weeks and that they should be on high alert until the political situation stabilizes. Sources on the ground say that until the immediate hunger problem in Venezuela is addressed, there is a very good chance that protests will get worse. The country is also contending with triple-digit inflation, so the entire economic outlook for Venezuela is extremely weak right now. Citizens are taking out the problems on their political leaders in force.

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