Vinod Gupta’s Journey To Success And Advice To His Younger Self

Vinod Gupta is the embodiment of a rages to riches story. Born across the world in India Vinod did not take his reality as how his life would turn out. Gupta worked tirelessly to achieve his dreams of financial freedom with a little elbow grease and a smart college education. One of his biggest victories to date as a businessman was starting a company on a bank loan for just $100 dollars and growing it tremendously. It later sold for an astonishing $680 million dollars. As the Chief Executive Officer,  Vinod Gupta bridged the communication gap between businesses and it spread like wildfire.

The successful businessman has once again dove into the world of entrepreneurship with his current business called Everest Group. They help provide vital resources for database technology companies in their infancy. This mainly includes the capital they do not have access to. Artificial intelligence is going through a lot of growth at this point in time which catches Vinod’s interest. He knows this will positively impact the world by making it easier to do things, this also includes his businesses. When bringing his ideas to life Vinod always tests them. market testing to be exact. This way he knows whether a product is good and what others have to say about it. Since Mr. Gupta is all about technology, it is no wonder he utilizes it to build his business even more and is a sound strategy he uses.

Like any entrepreneur, Vinod has had his share of setbacks. Instead of seeing these experience as complete bombs, he uses these situations as learning lessons to apply to his future endeavors. Mr. Gupta would also give his younger self some valid advice to take more measured risks. If you don’t take risks then you could miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

Vinod Gupta

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