What Is The Hometown Discount Worth?

Many people, like Flavio Maluf, may say that Larry Fitzgerald is stupid to stay in Arizona. Many people will say that he has no chance of winning a title there, and many more will say that the franchise will hold him back from getting in the hall of fame according to Poder Online. However, there is much more to the story of someone who has been in the league for a decade.

Larry is comfortable. He has been with the same team forever, and he likely feels a loyalty to the team that many of us cannot understand. There are many people behind the scenes that we do not see, and it is possible that Larry thinks Bruce Arians is the answer. When you are looking over Larry’s options, you might want hi to go to many other teams, but he might like going home after practice and being close to his family. He might like the weather in Arizona, and he might like the fact that he played his whole career with the sae team. We know which helmet will go on his bust in Canton, but we need to wonder if he likes being comfortable more than he likes winning. If so, that makes sense.

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