What Led To Omar Yunes Wining the 2015 BFW Awards

The BFW Award is one of the most coveted awards among Franchisees. It recognizes franchisees for their excellence in building the entire brand and their contribution to strengthening the brand as a whole. The ulterior motive of this award is to motivate franchises to continue excelling in what they do.


Omar Yune is one of the individuals who have had the pleasure of taking home the award. He was recognized for his franchisee units whose parent brand is Sushi Itto. He represented Mexico in the year 2015 when he emerged then winner out of the 34 contestants. So, when Omar Yune won the award in the year 2015, in an event held in Florence, Italy, this is what it meant.


Excellence in Employee Motivation


A business is only as good as its employees. If you motivate your employees, then they will have the urge to perform better every other time. So, if you have to get your business to a point where it is winning international awards, you must hold a highly-motivated team of employees. Exposing employees to a good working condition is only one of the steps that Omar Yune has taken to ensure that his employees are able to meet him half-way in achieving his vision for his franchise units.


Influence in The Network


Omar Yune is one of the largest franchisees for Sushi Itto. He owns 13 franchise units in three strategic regions including Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. His franchise units are 10% of the total franchise units under the Japanese food company, Sushi Itto. As such, he has great influence on the brand as a whole.


Contributions to The Network


Omar Yune has largely contributed to how people view Sushi Itto network as a whole. He has managed his team to ensure excellent customer service. Also, in his franchise units, he ensures that palatable treats are delivered to his clients and that the highest level of hospitality is maintained. As such, he is sale to create and maintain a great reputation for the Network.

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