What Susan McGalla Had To Say When Pressed About Her Role As A Female Executive

Susan McGalla currently manages P3 Executive Consulting, a Pittsburgh company that offers advice to various fashion retail companies and helps them stay on top of marketing trends and designs. She also is one of the leaders of the merchandising and ecommerce department of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers where she guides the franchise in various ways to sell jerseys and memorabilia to its different fan demographics. McGalla has held several executive positions prior to these and has spoken at various young women’s meetings including the Girls Club of Pittsburgh and has shared her business and personal insights on topics. She also was once approached by a news committee about applying for a female executive award and shocked them with her interview.


During that interview the award committee must have been eager to hear that McGalla’s accomplishments were a victory for women and the first step in breaking the “glass ceiling.” Instead McGalla told them it was nothing of the kind and that she viewed her accomplishments as those of a person and not a woman. Despite the committee’s request for her to change that answer, McGalla held firm that serving even as a high ranking executive didn’t change the values she was taught as a child about hard work and viewing others as simply people and not using gender labels.


McGalla came from the small town of Dublin, OH where her father was a football coach and was one of the reasons she’s a sports enthusiast even today. She got her bachelor’s degree in business from Mount Union College and started in the corporate retail industry in 1986 working for the Joseph Horne Company. When that company folded she joined American Eagle Outfitters starting out as a local merchandising manager but then becoming Chief Merchandising Officer and then president. American Eagle broadened its sales of women’s apparel during McGalla’s time there. After 16 years with American Eagle, McGalla left and joined HFF and later P3.

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