What You Should Expect From Your Assisted Living Facility

What does it take to get an over four star quality rating for as assisted living facility by “a Place for Mom” ? – the online senior living advisor that connects families to senior living resources. Well maybe a good place to start is knowing what you should expect from a quality facility. According to the Manse on Marsh website, seniors should expect to maintain a high level of independence, along with an active social life and a customized level of care services that adjust to the changing needs of older adults. They presented a great list of what residents want:

  • Help with daily activities, including transportation
  • Friends and social activities to combat lonliness
  • No housework, yard work or cooking meals
  • A safe environment and easy access to medical care

A quality assisted living facility should offer these and much more! Options such as different levels of care along various housing options will offer more flexibility in addressing a wider range of retirement budgets. Quality, trained and friendly staff should also be non-negotiable when it comes to caring for your loved ones. This article takes a look at on facility that is surpassing the basic requirements of assisted living, and offering an energetic and visually pleasant living options for seniors.

At Manse on Marsh, one look at the activities calendar says it all. A wide range of functions are happening all day, every day. From shopping excursions, church services, arts and crafts and Zumba classes. Clients can be as active as they desire, or they can enjoy quiet time in their private living quarters. Floor plans range from cottage and suite styles to studio apartment living. This allows for consideration of almost any budget when deciding on assisted living as an option. Every activity and service is facilitated by our quality trained staff, where friendliness is our focus. Many places offer a facility, but it takes a special group of individuals, who love what they do, and treat the residents as lovingly as they would want their own parents treated, to make a quality residence.

With local ownership in the person of Chris Skiff, who is a devout Christian and has the privilege of having adopted two children from Russia, getting away from antiquated and non-empathetic views of housing the elderly has been his passion. His award winning senior living communities prove that quality living and happiness don’t have to fade as the years progress. He requires the same ideals of quality service from his entire leadership team, all the way to the valuable staff that are on the floor, hour by hour, giving direct care. Manse on Marsh is one assisted living facility you owe to your loved one to call and schedule a tour. The scenic and historic setting in downtown San Luis Obispo along with the beautiful grounds itself, will surely convince you that this is truly a place for “Mom to call home”.  The Manse on Marsh Twitter provides even more information.

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