White Shark Media Improve Customer Experience

White Shark Media is one of the most responsive search engine marketing companies operating today. This is a company that has provided such quality guidance to small businesses in their internet marketing goals that their growth has been incredible. With great growth and success, new challenges are presented and they need to be dealt with. For any company learning to deal with both compliments and complaints can be a time consuming issue. Often times the noise of compliments and complaints can distract from the purpose at hand, providing a great quality service or product that enhances the lives or businesses of others. That is the challenge that faced White Shark Media and they have taken steps to address any complaint or compliment in a real and detailed matter.

Communication is the first line of success for any business. When someone contacts you for any reason, an informed and intelligent response in a timely fashion relays as much information about the company as the actual response does. That is an area the management of White Shark Media recognized as an area of desired improvement for their business and has taken the steps to supply real, timely and informative feedback to their customers. The overall policy changes the company has implemented will allow for the relationship between White Shark and their clients to grow in a positive direction.

One of the most successful communication policies White Shark has implemented is a monthly call that a client can schedule at their request. This gets the client and a search engine marketing strategist together on a call using GoToMeeting software that allows for remote conference calls. They can have a conversation and look at the success or room for improvement in their online presence. These can happen every 30 days. It helps the expert to connect personally with the client and to explain all of the results of the Adwords campaigns that are currently being used. Screen sharing is a great advantage of using this medium. Not only does a client hear the explanation but they can see the charts, graphs and graphics to further explain things. This has worked to build a great positive influence on client’s thoughts about the company.

Another great step that White Shark Media took was to get more personal with clients. In the past a question on an account would be answered by a caring and capable person but they may have never looked at the account before so time would be wasted understanding the needs and wants of the client. To change that, the company provides a contact person who can be accessed directly by the clients. This person has an intimate knowledge of the business interests of the client and is able to answer questions in a more rapid and meaningful fashion. The ability to recognize someone in the office makes the online experience much more personal.

It is evident that White Shark Media is going to continue to grow in a positive direction as the menu of service that they offer continues to grow. It is important for them as a service provider to offer great products that can allow for superior customer interaction and results in more success for all involved. Being able to adjust over time is a key sign of the quality of a business.
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