Wikipedia’s Myths Busted and Revealed

Have you ever been to Wikipedia thinking that the site is all for the idea of just giving away free information? Think again. Wikipedia is a place where people learn a whole lot about every single topic known to man. Every idea, every movie, and every single thing that has ever existed is almost always on this site with information based on facts and statistics backed by sources. The most common myth people believe in is that the site is not monetizing any of their traffic. While it is true there is no upfront monetization, Google does make money off of Wikipedia very easily every single day. Millions of dollars are earned through Wikipedia for Google very easily. 

People wonder why the site doesn’t above any ads, and the truth is something you probably would have never expected. It was never because they didn’t want to take advantage of people. In fact, the owner planned on going investing his money on having ads setup, but when it began to happen, countless volunteers walked away in fear of the owner simply getting rich from Wikipedia alone. It was then decided by the owner to stick to keeping it monetized-free, and in the end he believes it is what helped keep the site alive later on.

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