Will Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman Feel Like Wonder Woman?

The big news broke a while ago that Wonder Woman would make her big screen debut in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since then, more information about her appearance in the film has been slowly released along with other teasers. First came casting info and then an image of her costume, shortly after a look at the other two main heroes in the film. In fact, people got a better look at her than Batman early on. Since then, more and more information about Batman, Superman, and the film’s plot have come out, but further information on Wonder Woman has been slight.
The recent Comic-Con trailer gave a couple glimpses of her inĀ  handy action, but no dialogue or any indication she will have an alter-ego. This has led some people to speculate that she will be there to do nothing more than fight. The film’s director, Zack Snyder, has often been criticized for focusing on action over substance. Fans are worried that Wonder Woman’s character will not be given any depth. Adding to the concerned voices was one of DC’s own top writers, Grant Morrison. After recently penning the Wonder Woman: Earth One storyline, Morrison feels he is something of an expert on the character. He researched the characters inception and tried to capture the original intentions of her creator William Marston. He said the portrayal of her in the film goes against this. While he may be basing his opinion off of the trailer, as one of DC’s most prevalent writers, it is possible he has some extra insight into the film.

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