You’ll Want All Of Your Friends To Become Magnises Members

Although every membership has their own types of benefits, Magnises is a membership all its own, and it doesn’t only give one type of benefit to its members. Many members who join a club may get discounts, special access and more, but is a membership that gives these benefits and so much more. Although Magnises has always been advertised to millennials as a great way for them to have fun as well as meeting young professionals around their age, there is no reason why anyone who isn’t a millennial to join as a Magnises member.

Those with a Magnises membership can open so many different doors, even if the only doors they open lead to fun. For instance, fun can be had by anyone with a Magnises card when they go to one of the many nightclubs in New York City and other cities, especially if they have the ClubPass on their membership card. With the ClubPass, entrance into a nightclub is never a problem, and other perks may also be available. One such perks that many people like to have is bottle service, which can be free in certain cases, and this is all thanks to having a Magnises membership. Even those who prefer to go to a restaurant over going to a bar can still get discounted or free bottle service along with their food being discounted as well.

Sit in the VIP section, or it’s even possible to sit and one of the best sections in a crowded restaurant that’s very popular. It’s easy to find great restaurants that are dotted throughout New York City, but it may not be easy to get a reservation. Your Magnises Concierge application can set up a reservation for you, getting you great seats in the restaurant for the night. Once you become a member of the Magnises community, you’ll want to get the Magnises Concierge application for all of its benefits. As an on-demand events application, find any event that you may be interested in, learn more about the event, find where to buy tickets for the event and even make reservations.

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